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What We Do


If your desire is to sell incentive, reward or higher-end individual travel then you can go through a nationally acclaimed training program.

Here is a scenario for an ideal higher-end new individual or affinity group travel consultant: Your friends or associates ask you for travel advice. Maybe you’ve been to many interesting places or do lots of research and dream about your next adventure. You are very friendly and organized and have that desire to do things properly. You recognize that matching people’s dreams with the right travel solution is important and that price is the last thing you discuss. Quality experience is the first criteria.

You are already on your way to becoming a successful part time or full time Travel Advisor. Positive attitude, responsibility, thirst for adventure and culture, being involved in clubs, associations, groups and the desire to help people experience their dreams (and yes, make some money at the same time) are all qualities that make you a great candidate for a rewarding position in travel.

Here are some of the modules in the online travel expert certification program.