Award Marketing


There is nothing better than a story about a destination. Our full-color Travel Magazine is exactly that –  a travel magazine with destination stories that also feature specials from some of the top cruise, land and tour suppliers. This high-quality 56-page magazine has a long shelf life in doctor’s offices and in your clients’ hands.

Then there is the Cruise issue and the Travel Redefined issue for deluxe and extremely upscale vacations.

All the magazines are coded to your website so your clients can enter a code from the magazine and get so much more information about your special travel offer.

Award Marketing


Travelmakers partnership with Authorized Agents and our vendors gives you access to the most acclaimed and advanced marketing programs in the travel industry.

You can select to have your clients receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly promotions that fit only your client’s interests. For example, your client might like small cruise ships and bicycling. You can select an option where they receive information from our preferred vendors that fit that criteria.

Your client will also receive exclusive offers that will not be available on Expedia or other internet sites.

You can send automatic e-mail greeting to clients on major occasions.

Award Marketing


You will have three website options from least expensive to a very custom website with your branding on almost every page. In today’s environment great websites promote your brand to both current and potential clients who will use it for research and then want a personal relationship to complete their dream.

Commodity selling does not require a personal relationship, since price is the primary determinant. For niche and higher-end packages/cruises, your relationship and personal contact is what will make you a success. The website piques interest, you then close the sale.

  • co-branded website  The landing page would have information about you or your agency.
  • Your co-branded website. Same content as above except it would read Supplier links with booking engine are optional.
  • Your only including deep pages, turnkey website. Landing pages would have only your info, your telephone, email and your social media links, including deep pages. 
  •  custom website with custom landing page and booking engine options– Check fees on link. This is for high-end websites with SEO options and high visibility

Award Marketing


Optimal Authorized Agents and travelmakers contractor custom marketing program offers independents the opportunity to utilize all of our Authorized Agents marketing and technology tools with their unique branding and customization.

What's Included


Authorized Agents offers a variety of low cost publications and direct mail campaigns. Your set up fee includes access to easy to use online tools, including an automated order form and direct access to an Approvals Website, which allows for customization of every campaign.

Printing and customization of brochures and publications are FREE. Mailing and postage costs range from $0.30 to $0.75 per piece depending on the size and format of the publication.

AUTHORIZED AGENT’S E-MARKETING: Authorized Agents offers a full spectrum of e-marketing tools including:

A customized lead capture form for their websites to prompt clients to sign up to receive exclusive vacation offers by email.

Cruise websites:

Co-branded cruise line websites for Crystal, Holland AmericaOceania, SeabournPrincessPaul GauguinRoyal CaribbeanCelebrity and many more cruise suppliers. For those who choose the custom websites your name appears instead of Travelmakers. If you have the co-branded website your name and phone number appears in the banner on top of the page.

Land Vacations: We provide a great land vacation search that encompasses all popular destinations. Content includes destination information and hotel profiles.

Destination sites give your clients a flavor of the region. Here is an example for AlbertaAustralia and Macau. Emphasis sites give your clients a more in-depth view of regional offers, such as Alaska.

Cities destination content:  Informative, entertaining, and comprehensive travel guides detailing the ins-and-outs of exciting cities around the world.

E-mail Campaigns:

Authorized Agents creates and executes weekly e-mail campaigns. Campaigns are sent only to clients that have indicated interest in that particular destination or type of travel. E-mails are customized with your own branding for each client. Opt in to Authorized Agent’s weekly campaign options or generate your own customized campaigns to your clients.

Authorized Agent’S WEB CONTENT: In-depth customizable web content for websites featuring the following options:

Sample Independent Contractor sites using Authorized Agents content:

CruiseFinder: A full spectrum of products including pricing and itinerary information for almost every sailing of preferred cruise partners is included. Pricing is updated daily. Special focus is given to sailings with exclusive amenities and private collection sailings.

Hot Deals: Hot Deals page updated weekly

    Signature Hotels and Resorts: Signature’s hotel program featuring exclusive value added amenities.

  Vacation Offer ID: The Vacation Offer ID system integrates online and offline marketing. In all direct mail marketing pieces, clients are directed to member websites to “Click for More”.

    myTravelSite: Your clients will have a customized travel site with your agency branding on it.

    Pocket Travel Consultant: Clients will have your logo and call to action everywhere they go when they download the free mobile travel app.