Become a travel agent


You can choose between two main options:

  1. One is for those who are or want to be selling incentive, group or individual packages.
  2. The second option is for those of you who have incentive & travel contacts and just want to refer them to us since you are too busy to sell and handle the business yourselves.

We are looking for long term relationships with independent partners whose goal is to successfully represent our suppliers, who deal honestly with the public, and who focus on strategic target markets to make money.


Unlike many confusing plans out there, we made one simple plan with no monthly fee and no sign-up fee, no booking fees, and 80% commission.  If you want something more powerful you can just add on extra features at any time. Don’t get fooled by advertised 100% commission plus “small processing fees” plus monthly fees plus administration fees, plus research fees etc., etc., etc.

Every applicant goes through an interview process designed to increase chances of success for both you and us. Once you request an application we will call you to determine if there is a match. Our job is to help you make money because that is the only way that we make money.  Click here to request an application or ask questions. Better yet, call us at 1-800-324-2000 ext 209


-No sign up fee

-No monthly fee

-Sabre Cruise booking engine

-Client/commission tracking program

-Thousands of pre-reserved group cabins

-Specialists in 70+ countries

-Client proposal tool

-100% commission promotions

-Fam and agent rate listings

-Co-branded MyTravelSite

-Supplier microsites

-CLIA & IATA when qualified

-Great custom websites additional options

-Multi-cruise comparison proposal tool

-15% off travel promotional items

-Custom hotel program/amenities

-Email marketing program

-Free consumer magazines

-Digital client magazine marketing

-Commissions paid twice a month

-Co-branded e-mail marketing

-Avid Cruiser access

-Signature support intranet site

-AAgent Support site

-Cruise port location feature
-Pocket Travel Consultant for smart phone
-Signature University access
-Travelmakers University access
-Preferred supplier incentive offers
-Free annual & regional meetings
-Coop advertising pass-through

Go to options on top left for add- on options

Additional Options

For those of you who need more features we have the following additional options:

$3 mil. Errors & Omissions insurance, $10/mo.
800 phone no. and private extension, $10/mo. Client Base CRM program, $10/Mo.
Client Base is the industry standard for CRM programs, connects directly to most suppliers and to Signature TravelNetwork’s free marketing programs and auto thank you responses.

1. name co-branded website $89 one time setup fee
The landing page would have info about your agency
2. Your co-branded website $89 one time fee, $10 yearly domain, $14.95/mo.
Same content as above, except it, would lead to
3. Your only, including deep pages, turnkey website, Call for latest setup fees
Same as #2 except all contact pages, including deep pages, would have only your info.
4. Your custom website – Check fees on link

Website Options Explanation

1. A website that has over 60,000 pages of content and clients can access it this way: agency landing page.
“your name page” could be your agency name or your name. It will have links to the 60,000+ pages. You would have a banner on the top of each page with your name and phone on it. Inside would have Travelmakers on selected pages with a call to action: “Call the Travel Consultant listed on top.” Content would be updated automatically.

Here are some examples of cruise line websites for Crystal, Holland America, Oceania, Seabourn, Princess, Paul Gauguin, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and many more cruise lines. If you have the co-branded website, (choice 3 & 4) your name and phone number appear in the top banner.

2. A website that has the same content as above, except your potential clients would access it by going to www.your The inside content pages would have the Travelmakers logo and the call to action would say: “Call your travel professional shown above.” The site would look like this, except your logo and name would be on top.


3. Here Travelmakers name would not appear anywhere and only your agency  name would show up. Your turnkey website will be accessed by going to You will have 60,000+ pages under your name, even if you go deep into links.

4. This would be the most advanced custom website with the latest technology and Signature Travel Network content as above, except it would be custom designed. It would be (See examples)

A Brief Note First:

You will receive a call from us first because we are selective in choosing our partners. We want to make sure that this is a good fit for you and us. Our goal is to have you as our partner for a long time.

Our job is to help you in any way we can so that your business thrives. We want you to be happy with us and vise versa. If there is a match we will invite you to join us and be a part of Authorized Agents – Travelmakers – Signature Travel Network family.

Call me, Jeff, at
1-800-324-2000 ext 209.