Travelmakers in partnership with Signature Travel Network, has the most advanced travel technology tool on the market. This technology has been recognized by the industry as being far superior to anything else on the market.

Additionally, you will have access to powerful tools such as cruise finder, an advanced cruise research tool.

Your support site has thousands of pages of cruise, tours, hotels, air consolidators and other suppliers that are all conveniently located in one place for you and your clients to see and research.


We are part owners of Signature Travel Network. Listen to Karen Yeates on the left who shares with you our philosophy.

+ My travelsite is your blog site for client interaction and your expertise
+ Tourist Board destination portals
+ Hot Deals web content
+ Custom web commission reporting
+ Cruise finder searches thousands of sailings
+ Customized client presentations
+ ClientBase customer CRM program
+ Cruise ship visit port index
Microsites for preferred vendors
+ Pocket Travel Consultant
+ Best customized websites. See examples
+ Moderate cost option websites

Website Types

We have three choices of websites that you can add on as an option. Here are the choices from which you can select your website:


CHOICE 1. A website that has over 60,000 pages of content and clients can access it this way:

www.travelmakers.com/your agency page.

“your name page” could be your agency’s name or your name. It will have links to the 60,000+ pages. You would have a banner on top of each page with your name and phone on it. Inside would have Travelmakers on selected pages with a call to action: “Call the Travel Consultant listed on top”

Here are some examples of cruise line websites for Crystal, Holland AmericaOceania, SeabournPrincessPaul GauguinRoyal CaribbeanCelebrity and many more cruise lines.  If you have the co-branded website (choice 3 & 4), your name and phone number appear in the top banner.

CHOICE 2.  A website that has the same content as above, except your potential clients would access it  by going to www.youragency.com (sample)

CHOICE 3. Here Travelmakers name would not appear anywhere and only your agency name shows up. Your turnkey website will be accessed by going to www.youragency.com. You will have 60,000+ pages under your name, even if you go deep into links.

CHOICE 4. This would be the most advanced custom website with the latest technology and Signature Travel Network content. It would be www.youragency.com (See examples)