Welcome to the Authorized Agents and Travelmakers program site. Please look around and email us any questions you may have.

Authorized Agents is part of Travelmakers Inc., which is part member/owner of Signature Travel, a $5 BILLION in sales consortium owned by 210 members.

Are you an influencer? One who gives others FREE travel advice? Or are you a travel professional? In either case, we have a program for you.

Our partners like you include meeting planners, promotional & incentive distributors, travel and hospitality independent professionals, travelers who give others travel advice or put together groups, and brick and mortar agencies.

We serve you our partners whether you are or want to be making money in your spare time or are in active sales in the travel distribution field off-site meeting planning or incentive & award travel.


We represent the travel industry and are looking for partners who can help us obtain incremental business for our travel suppliers.

You most likely fit into one of these partner profiles:
(1) You have a brick and mortar location
(2) You work full time from home
(3) You are doing this part time
(4) You are not in the travel industry but you influence people who come to you for advice or you organize travel groups

Those of you who are new to the travel distribution business and want to pursue this field in an active and direct way have a choice of completing our travel expert certification program which covers both incentive travel and leisure travel. If you want to do this in your spare time, call us.

If you are a travel professional, you will find the greatest selection of higher-end preferred suppliers, award-winning Signature technology, free consumer magazines, free marketing programs, thousands of blocked cabins, specialists in 90 countries, 800+ resorts with exclusive amenity contracts and much, much more.


Travelmakers was established in 1995 when PowerBusiness Associates Inc. purchased an existing travel agency to move its consultants to Europe then back to the US.

Founded by Leslie Bauer, a former director of marketing at a Lockheed division and NEC, and a long time Apple Computer employee and Zigmund Sepanski, former C.O.O. of an Apple Computer country operation in Europe. PowerBusiness conducted strategic planning and training for divisions of companies such as Coke, Pepsi, Apple Computer, Lucent, McKinsey & Company, Avon and many other corporations.


The European consulting division was sold in early 1999 to a British corporation and the US division was moved to San Juan Capistrano, California.

Today, Travelmakers Inc. is a Nevada corporation and part owner/member of Signature Travel Network, a cooperative owned by 200+ top agencies with a combined volume of $5 billion in sales. We have an incentive and meetings team, a high-end client team, and over 100 independent agents throughout the United States who specialize in a wide range of travel destinations.

In 2014 an investment team led by the Vergene family took a size-able stake in Travelmakers / AuthorizedAgents and became a major portion of the management team.

Our high-end team takes care of VIP’s who demand confidential and unique destinations. We are proud to serve top business leaders and movie stars with 100% security and confidentiality. We have agreements with top destination specialists in over 80 countries and direct Signature contracts with 800 resorts all over the world. These destination specialists customize tours and excursions that are not normally available to the public for our high-end and VIP clients.

In addition to representing top resorts, we represent the best of travel wholesalers such as Abercrombie & Kent, Tauck, Crystal Cruises and many more well known providers.



We feel that it is important that you know whom you are dealing with. Here is a brief outline of our founders.

Zigmund Sepanski has a Masters of Science in Administration and a Jurist Doctor degree. Zigmund is also credentialed to be president of a California Community College district. He is company president and has been involved in the travel industry since 1997. He is involved on a day to day basis with independent consultants and insists on personally mentoring new partners.

Zigmund is also a co-founder and senior consultant in a business planning company that worked with divisions of companies such as Coke, Pepsi, Lucent, Dean Foods, Apple Computer and many other well-known names.

In his former life, he was C.O.O. and General Manager of an Apple Computer country operation in Central Europe. He was the director of strategic markets for SunComputers Inc. and president of Intelcom Corporation. He owned an advertising agency, several computer stores, taught marketing and advertising, published chamber of commerce magazines, and was a member of the President’s staff at a California State University.


Co-founder Leslie Bauer worked for Apple Computer for over 14 years where she won top Apple sales awards. She was also Director of Marketing for NEC servers division, V.P. of Sales for Apple Computer country operation in Central Europe, Worldwide Marketing Director for a Lockheed division and a senior consultant for PowerBusiness Associates Inc.


Those of you who are in the hospitality, travel or cruise business know that our part ownership in Signature Travel Network will give you the most advanced technology and marketing tools in the industry. Our advanced program coupled with the power of Signature will give you the edge over your competition.

Why do home based agents and event planners switch from giant agencies with thousands of members to us? Because we give PERSONAL attention. We are more than a document processing host company. We want you to call us. We will help you draft that incentive proposal and we will even do a conference call with you to convince that important potential client.


When you join our host agency you will become part of a very successful home based independent agent team. You will receive top commissions and will belong to the oldest consortium in the US, Signature Travel Network.

With our personal attention, flexibility, teamwork, top suppliers, volume agreements and business expertise you will feel like a part of a great working team that cares about you. We will gladly help you make proposals and capture that elusive group, leisure and incentive client. We never forget that we make money only when you make money.